Theragun G3 Pro or PureWave?

When you are looking for something which could release the muscle pressure from your body and help you feel relaxed, then massage guns can be an amazing product for you to choose. 

Massage guns are one of the best devices when it comes to muscle relaxants and warms up tools to be used before or after a workout.

Gone are the days when recovery used to be just lying over and chilling binge-watching, expecting that muscles will relax themselves out when you lie.

Massage guns can be a great way to relax them as well as improve your performance when on the field.

Before you make a purchase, you should always know what benefits can a massage gun provides you and why it is important for you to purchase a massage gun. 

Here we have a list of reasons why massage gun can be the best product for you to choose:

Massage Gun Benefits

They are Portable

Sportsperson often needs to perform from place to place and require something which can instantly give them relief and provide their muscles a bit of warmth. 

Massage guns are portable in nature and can be carried anywhere by the sports-persons or people who have muscular pain and wish to relieve themselves naturally rather than taking any medicines.

Prevents injury

A massage gun basically helps you release the tension in muscles, by applying pressure over them. 

  • Once you start using it regularly as a Pre-workout device, it will help you prevent any kind of muscle injury which could further lead to something serious.
  • It also gives your muscles a room to contract and relax properly which helps the muscles to move even more efficiently and when muscles work efficiently they end up providing you better sports performance.

Helps you get rid of the pain

  • The massage guns use a unique vibration technique that affects deep into the muscles leading to stimulation deep into the muscles. 
  • This will ultimately lead to more oxygen supply into the muscles, helping them to reduce all the fatigue and soreness inside the muscle. 
  • This way the muscles feel relaxed and all the pain is gone in minutes.

Provides you with wellness benefits

  • If people who are dealing with restlessness and lack of sleep use this device, they will definitely feel much better. 
  • This is because when they massage, the vibrational technique will help the muscles to get rid of soreness and all the stress. 
  • This will ultimately relax the person and make him feel better and fall asleep in no time.

Help you recover better

If you have had an injury in the past and are in the recovery mode, then this device will help you get rid of all the pain and help you increase mobility with time. 

  • It is recommended to use the device with light vibrational settings so that it does not trigger the injury instead of healing.
  • It will just feel like a traditional hand massage if utilised properly and give you enough room to recover quickly and start working efficiently.

While you step in the market and wish to buy the best massage gun for yourself, it gets difficult to decide which one to choose when you have a variety of options to choose from. 

In this case, there are two companies that offer you the best of massage guns: 

Theragun G3 Pro vs Pure Wave CM7

These two products are so far the most popular and best known in the market, that is exactly why we decided on this comparison. 

It can get a bit confusing for anyone looking for the best thing, to decide between two products he is confused to buy for. 

Let us get to know which one is better

Theragun G3 Pro

Theragun is one of the top brands in the business that has been working officially since 2016. This brand has been the best when it comes to producing products in the massage industry. 

Theragun has been in the front row when it comes to research and product development to reach out to customers with the most percussive therapy devices available in the market.

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Theragun G3PRO Check Price
  • Theragun G3 Pro has been the most popular device in the Theragun family and has been endorsed by a lot of popular physical therapists, sportspersons, medical experts around the globe. 
  • Theragun promises its customers that it makes use of the best quality materials and industrial-grade components and provides you with the best effects after the use of the device. 
  • Theragun the leading health and wellness brand claims that its products are being utilized by more than 250 professional sports teams, physicians, trainers and celebrities in over 40 different countries.

What does Thergun G3 pro do?

Theragun works just like a kitchen mixer, all you have to do is attach the right accessory according to your need. 

The main aim of the device is to provide you with relaxation and help get rid of the pain which has been making your working routine difficult. 

Using the device will help you improve movement and blood flow in your muscles.

Theragun has always been a revolutionary brand since it indulged in the massage industry.

The last model which was the Theragun G2 Pro was said to be “a revolution in muscle pain relief and essential tool in recovery”.

G3 Pro is supposed to be an even better version of its previous one as we all expect.

With this new model, you can be assured to handle a master grade handheld massager.

  • It has a beautiful design and a lot of things get clear just when you hold the massager in your hand.
  • Due to its amazing features and knowing the fact that it is the advanced version of G2 Pro, it is assumed that the prices of this will be amongst the most expensive handheld massagers that are available in the market.
  • TheraGun provides you with different speed options ranging from 1750 – 2400 RPMs. These speeds are the most optimal when it comes to muscle recovery according to the founder.
  • To provide the user with a customizable massaging experience, the device comes with 6 changeable massage heads which allow the user to create a personal massaging experience and adjust it according to his needs.
  • You can use the device continuously for about 75 minutes and get 2 changeable batteries when you purchase the device.
  • The new model claims to be more silent than the previous one which is an amazing asset for those who are looking forward to using the device even in public areas without coming into notice.

TherGun G3 Pro


1. Lasts longer 2. Has a good battery backup 3. Provides you all the comfort even in the working environment


Its overpriced

Theragun is just for people who train hard?

People who train hard definitely need something like this and it is an obvious recommendation that they should make use of the device but, this doesn’t mean people who are dealing with joint pains or other issues cannot use it.

This is why Theragun provides the user with various attachments so that the user can adjust it according to his use and the reason why he wants to use it.

how to use Theragun g3 pro?

  • To get your muscles active:

all you have to do is use it for about 30 seconds to ignite up the glutes after a very lazy day at your desk.

  • To get rid of tightness:

try to rest up the device on the area which you feel is tight and have sore muscles for about 2 minutes

  • To energize your body:

before you hit the shower, just give yourself an amazing dose of relaxation from top to toe and then see how Theragun helps you increase the blood flow in your body and gives you an amazing session to get active.

Pure Wave CM7

When we talk about pure wave products, they are elegant style massage guns which are one of the best in the race.

This device has been repeatedly ranked as the first cordless massage gun in 2018.

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Pure Wave CM7Check Price

The brand promises to provide you with the best performance no matter in what environment you are.

  • Pure Wave by PADO is an elegant design specially incorporated for helping you recover in the least time possible.
  • Pure Wave devices are made up of a two-motor system that provides the user with a powerful percussion therapy and micro vibrational therapy respectively.
  • It comes with 6 different types of attachments which helps you get a more self targeted experience. This helps you get more of what you want and prefer.
  • The dual-mode in the device offers you a deep tissue tensions release and knot dissolvement through the percussion mode and the vibration mode deals with the delicate tissue area and heals the muscles through pointing the pressure areas,
  • The tips of each of the attachments are of silicon which helps you get a smooth effect and does not pinch you hard on the skin.
  • If you are looking around for something which gives a long-term effect and healing then pure waves can be your thing to invest in.
  • The air cushion stick allows you to massage over the areas which are sensitive and this feature is not available in most of the traditional massagers.
  • The massage gun also allows you to adjust the speed of the device according to your own needs.
  • It has a battery life of about 180 minutes and by this, you need not charge the device for a long time.

According to the user manual, it is recommended for you to keep charging the device between intervals but if you are at a place where you can’t charge it for long or at all, then you can surely stretch the use to up to 180 minutes.

This device is recommended by a lot of professionals and doctors as well. The customers who are already using the device have also shown some positive reviews towards the device.

The device is said to be a value for money and also that it does not cost you a ton of it.

Pure Wave CM7


1. Comes with an affordable price and easy maintenance 2. Tremendous battery backup 3. Has a versatile working behaviour


It comes with a built-in battery Its lacks in durability

Now that you have an entire explanation of how the product works and what its specifications are separate, it’s time for us to show you the comparison between the two so that you finally can decide upon which one you should choose.

We have incorporated the best of all the information to let you decide and invest in something which is worth your money.

Theragun G3 Pro vs Pure Wave CM7

  • Both of the products are leading the market and can be called the best handheld massagers available.
  • When you have to compare the two, the first thing which comes to mind is the price of both the products and the Theragun stands to be pretty much more expensive than Pure Wave.
  • Theragun is a highly priced brand that is about 3-4 times more expensive than Pure Wave.

TherGun G3 Pro


1. Lasts longer 2. Has a good battery backup 3. Provides you all the comfort even in the working environment


Its overpriced

Pure Wave CM7


1. Comes with an affordable price and easy maintenance 2. Tremendous battery backup 3. Has a versatile working behaviour


It comes with a built-in battery Its lacks in durability
  • When you realize that the prices of Theragun and Pure Wave have got a lot of difference, the features and specifications are also to be different then.
  • Theragun has been referred to the new generation of handheld massagers, it has a gun like design which attracts the customers as it is different from other massage guns.
  • G2 Pro was a very big hit in the massagers market and G3 Pro is supposed to be a better version of the previous one. This version tends to claim that it has a more silent operation than the previous one.
  • Both the massagers are lightweight and are easily portable and can be taken anywhere you wish to use them.

Let us know which one is better when compared to each other on the basis of specifications:

Power and versatility

  • The Theragun G3 Pro is available in two speeds: 1750 and 2400 rpm. The model provides you a stroke strength of 16mm which allows the device to be a powerful one.
  • The device has the power to withstand 27kgs of pressure, which means a thick bodybuilder can use the device without any worries.
  • To provide the user with a customizable experience, you can switch the massage head according to your choice. They are 6 in number.
  • G3 pro allows you to adjust the angle of the massage according to your comfort but, when we talk about cm7 the device stays stationary.
  • Pure Wave CM7 comes with two massaging motors, making it a two in one massager which can provide you with percussion therapy and vibrational therapy according to your mood.
  • The main motor operates at 1500- 3700 rpm and the second one which can be used for light usage has a standard speed of 11,000 rpm.

This seems to be the faster one but it gives micro vibrations as the distance is short.


  • Pure Wave has a negative point when it comes to the battery because it has an inbuilt battery system whereas Theragun has got a removable battery system where they also provide you with 2 batteries along when you make a buy.
  • If the battery of your massager stops working, you can easily change it if it’s Theragun but will definitely face a problem if it’s Pure Wave.
  • In the case of Pure Wave, the company gives you the facility of getting the battery replaced by them but it requires the battery cost + the installation charges, which might give you an idea of buying a new massager itself.
  • The battery performance of the Theragun is 75 minutes approx. Whereas Pure Wave provides you a battery backup of 180 minutes.
  • The battery of the Theragun massager is technically more powerful than the Pure Wave one but the battery consumption is more because it requires more power.

Elegant and lightweight design

  • Both the massagers have got an amazing design with lightweight bodies but Pure Wave is lighter than the Theragun model.
  • Anyone can operate both the massagers very easily but, if the user has got a smaller build and is not used to lifting weight especially overhead, then it would be easier for you to operate Pure Wave as using Theragun can be a little more tiring for you.
  • Pure Wave weighs about 0.8 kgs whereas Theragun will approximately weigh 1.3 kgs.
  • Theragun provides you a carrying case for easy access to the device whenever you need it, where ever you need it.
  • When we talk about the looks of both the devices, then it is very much likely that Theragun has a cooler body than that of Pure Wave.

Talking about the price

  • If we talk about prices, Theragun is 3-4 times more expensive than Pure Wave. This is because Theragun is more powerful than the Pure Wave massager and also has two batteries and comes with a carrying case.
  • It is specifically designed keeping the professional use in mind and that it is built to last longer.
  • Pure Wave CM7 is designed for people of common use and comes at a very affordable price. The only flaw is that this device is less durable in nature and comes with a built-in battery.
  • Both of the products ensure a warranty for at least one year.

So, as you can learn from all the information above if you are looking out for a massager which has to be used on the professional front and for big built then Theragun is the best recommendation.

If you are looking for a massager which will suit for you and your family then it is recommended that you should buy the affordable version of a massage gun that is Pure Wave CM7.