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Massage guns have been so much in demand these days, these guns have probably come out to be the best solutions if you want to get rid of muscle pains and soreness post-workout. 

These massage guns also have proved to be a really good pre-workout device and help to prevent the user from any kind of injury or tensions which could occur post-workout. 

There are quite a lot of brands that are available in the market and provide you with the best massage guns for your recovery, one of them is Reathlete. 

Reathlete is a very fresh brand in the market that has not exhibited a lot of products in the market as yet. 

Reathlete Deep4S Massage Gun

This brand is a wellness brand that has a team of people who are passionate about the idea of delivering high-quality wellness products to its users and make sure that they get an amazing opportunity to get rid of all the pressure and workout hard.

Reathlete delivers are usually utilized by athletes and people who are dealing with some sort of joint or muscle issues

The brand came out with the motive of letting people relax and live out an easy-going life with the help of their relaxing products. 

They ensure to provide their customers with amazing services even after delivering the product safely to their places to help create a bond that builds trust in between one another.

The reviews of this brand have also been so far positive by the people buying it from amazon.

The brand has so far come out with only two products: 

  • Deep 4S percussion massage gun       
  • Air c+ heat compression massager
Deep 4S percussion massage gun

Reathlete Deep4S massage gun

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
REATHLETE DEEP4S Massage GunCheck Price

Attending classes at specific timings can be stressful for some of us who are having odd schedules and working hours. In a situation like this, a good quality massage can be the most helpful thing ever. 

You can use it anytime, anywhere and feel relaxed in minutes of its use. Use of deep 4s massage guns can be a one-time investment and can be used in the comfort of your home. 

Reathlete Deep 4S percussion massage gun provides you with a powerful massage experience that helps you get rid of all kinds of muscular pains and tensions in the first use itself. 

This powerful machinery puts an amazing impact on your muscles which leads the muscles to be in a calm and relaxed position. 

The price of this device is around $269 and this is definitely worth a buy if you get a jam-packed availability of features that are comfortable to use anywhere and everywhere you want.

REATHLETE DEEP4S Massage gun Features

Reathlete Deep4S Massage Gun feature
  • Amazing design

Reathlete Deep 4S has an amazing body and looks so comfortable and satisfying. It has an amazing set of color combinations and provides you a very eye catchy look.

The design of the device is specially made keeping the comfort of the user in mind. So, if it looks beautiful, it works beautifully too!

The body of the device is made of quite sturdy materials and makes its life even more long-lasting.

  • 4 different speeds

By just a slight touch over the LED screen, you can easily adjust the speed of the massager according to your will. 

The best part about this massager is that it provides you the facility of changing the speeds according to your mood and helps you get yourself a customized massage experience.

There are 4 different speed options available for you to change in the device:

  • 20Hz /1200 RPM – if you wish to give a warm-up to your muscles 
  • 30Hz /1800 RPM – for muscle relaxation this can be the suitable speed mode 
  • 40Hz /2400 RPM – if there is lactic acid stored in your muscles, this is the appropriate speed level to get rid of it. 
  • 54Hz /3200 RPM – if you plan to use the massager for a deep massage
  • Adjustable arms

Even if you are in a working environment, this device will help you get some relief very easily without anyone knowing due to its silent working motors. 

Reathlete performs its best with 3 different adjustable positions for you to relax according to your comfort. 

3 adjustable arms with multiple handling positions let you relax any part of your body with ease and all the comfort. The massager also has a very strong grip hold and is soft to touch so that you do not face any irritation while making use of the device. 

The massager’s grip is made up of very comfortable material and also prevents any kind of slippage from the hands.

  • 5 interchangeable massage heads

You can customize your massage needs by changing these attachments from time to time. There are 5 different attachments for every kind of pain or tension which may occur in your muscles:

Large ball

This massage head is made of silicon material and is soft to touch. These attachments give you an elastic feel and are utilized for large muscle groups. 

Medium ball

The medium ball is exactly the same as a large ball and is made of similar material but the only difference in both of them is the size of the ball, as you can guess from the name addressed. o


This massage head gives you a rigid feel but is made up of silicon. This attachment is usually for the neck and the spine.


This attachment is flat in nature and can be used by the user for multipurpose. It feels rigid on the skin.


This massage head will give your muscles a deep massage and gives your body a semi-hard feeling. The attachment is made of resin material.

  • Works on silent mode

A lot of massage guns are not suitable to use in an ergonomic environment and some of them are loud enough to give you a migraine. 

Reathlete works on a silent yet powerful motor technology that allows you to use the device anywhere you want.

  • Complimentary storage case

If you wish to carry the massager along with you, all you need is a case to carry. Reathlete understands your needs and helps to fulfill each demand of yours. 

The whole massage kit comes with a portable case for you to carry anywhere and everywhere.

  • Promises you post-delivery services

Reathlete wants to be associated with you even if you are done buying the product from them

They promise you to take care of whatever problems you can face with the product after you make a buy. They want you to trust them and let them serve you in the best way possible.

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Though this can be the perfect buy for people who are looking for a sturdy and long-lasting massager, if you still are facing any kind of problems with the massager then you can very easily get it fixed because it comes with a one-year warranty. 

The company also provides you a free shipping facility and that if the company fails to impress you, you can get your money back in 30 days of time.

It is new in the market and people have barely heard of the brand, but the brand has managed to speak itself and give an excellent performance to the people who have used it before. 

So, it’s definitely worth giving a short!


The company also has one more product in the market and that is air c+ heat. This product gives you a full leg massage and heat treatment. This massage type claims to treat the pain in your legs and also helps to increase the blood flow.

It has a heat knee pad which makes the experience even more relaxing and comforting for the user. You will find this massager at $189 easily in stores with free shipping and a one-year warranty by the company.

If you want to have an air compression leg massage, then you should definitely look forward to this product of the same brand. 

I promise it won’t disappoint you at all!