Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun Review Guide 2020

Massage guns have become a big part of an athlete’s life these days. If you are looking for a solution to your post-workout pains, then massage guns are the best device. 


Massage guns are not only used as a post-workout device but also as a pre-workout device. This device helps the person with all kinds of pains and reliefs you to carry out your daily activities without any problems.


Best Massage guns help you warm up your muscles, get rid of muscle soreness, massage guns also help a person who is not an athlete to get rid of joint pains and help them develop a better sleep pattern. 

This device has been in trend because after you start using it, you need not necessarily stretch your body before and after a workout, it saves your time and energy and helps your bodywork in a better way.


One of the brands in the race of best massage guns is COMPEX FIXX 1.0 MASSAGER . This brand is a swiss brand which has been in the industry for 30 years and is now one of the best in the industry. 

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If you are looking for devices that will help you recover and improve your performance in the sports field, then Compex is the brand you should look forward to. 

Compex is a very important brand to the professionals and all the athletes around the globe.

Using massage guns is now widely known as one of the best training techniques which helps you for physical preparations, muscular recovery, deal with injuries and treat the pain which has been bothering you for a long time. 

Compex can help you get through the most difficult times during a training period and also when you are at home relaxing with your family.

Compex has been into manufacturing products like muscle stims, therapeutic products like massage gunsCompex tapeshot and cold reusable packs

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Compex Wireless USA 2.0 Muscle StimulatorCheck Price

Recently the company has started manufacturing compression and bracing products as well. 

The brand aims at the treatment of muscles in a way that can help them heal completely and provide the user with a sense of relaxation in the long term.

Compex has a lot of products in the market and one of them is Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun. That is the only massager the company produces. 

The product will cost you about $160 and it is said to be cheaper than any other massage gun which is best in the market.

The massage gun is the best when it comes to providing a deep tissue massage for sore and overworked muscles.

If you have had a tiring day at work out or practicing your sports, then using this massage gun will help you get rid of all the pain and tensions in your muscle

Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun reviews

Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun will help you in the best way to carry on your daily routine even after having a very tough day on the field.

  • You can easily customize your massage by combining the speed and pressure to meet your needs. 
  • You can include this device in your pre-workout as well as post-workout regimen.
  • You can warm up and loosen all the stiff muscles in a matter of seconds using the device and also help yourself recover easily without going to a therapist.

The device can be used at home and in an ergonomic environment whenever you feel uncomfortable because of its easy to carry nature and silent motor technology.

Functions of Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun

Silent motor technology

  • Compex has made its devices compatible to work in every kind of environment. 
  • The device uses quiet technology motors which helps you use the device even in the work setting. 
Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun reviews
  • This helps you get rid of pain anywhere and everywhere you like without disturbing anyone’s peace. 
  • Machines that fail in using such technology usually end up giving you a severe migraine. 
  • The massage heads can likely make slight noise because of the shots per second it takes but that definitely won’t be too much noisy for you.

3 arm positions

  • With the help of different inclined positions this device can get into, it is easy for the user to experience massage in whichever angle they want. 
Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun reviews
  • You can easily customize the use of the massager according to yourself. 
  • With the 3 different angles, you can opt-in, it is very easy for the user to reach out to difficult areas and get relief easily.

Changeable massage heads

  • Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun allows you to change massage heads according to your needs. 
Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun reviews
  • Though you don’t get the attachments along with the kit, you can buy accessories from the store if you have a necessity.

The company provides you with the separate massage heads and you can buy them if needed, though it is suggested that if you are not into professionalism you can carry on with just one available massage head in the kit.

You can simply purchase the accessory and you are sorted!

There is an availability of 2 accessories in the inventory:

  1. Compex 1.0 additional tips (the cone and pad)
  2. Fixx 1.0 additional battery


  • The site claims the product to be around 990 grams in weight that makes it at least 1kg in total, which is not too heavy for an athlete or a professional for sure. 
  • If normal people wish to use it and they utilize both their hands, then it can be handled easily.
  • The grip of the device is quite sturdy and strong. It is made up of silicon and does not let the device slip off even in the strongest setting. 
  • The shape of the handle is also very pleasing and comfortable which makes the user use the device for long hours without getting tired.

3-speed levels

  • Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun comes with 3 different speeds and allows you to experience a customized massage and lets you enjoy the comfort just like you want it to be. 
  • All you have to do is combine the right amount of hand pressure and percussion speed to get the perfect massage, just as you like it.

The three-speed levels work like:

  • 25 strokes/second: this speed can be perfect for sensitive muscles.
  • You can easily push out the lactic acid and get rid of the soreness as well as get to expel the knots you come across.
  • 33 strokes/ second: the medium stroke level is suitable for muscles that are too small or sensitive. This speed level will help you get rid of the tightness in your muscles without causing any kind of discomfort.
  • 46 strokes/ second: for a good deep tissue massage, this fast speed stroke level can be the best choice.

Contains a battery indicator

  • The device comes with a rechargeable battery which can last up to 90 minutes and you get to know how much battery you have utilized with the help of a four-dot battery indicator. 
  • If the battery of your device gets damaged due to reason, you can find a new replacement of the battery which is easily available in the stores.

Benefits Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun

Aids losing of tight muscles

  • Whichever massage gun you utilize, it will help you out releasing all the muscle-related problems but you always have to make sure which one suits your type, your budget, etc. 
  • When you make use of a Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun, it will help you get rid of all the tight muscles very easily without the help of some professional. 
  • It can work as a great pre-workout device which will help you get away with all the tight muscles and have an intense workout.

Aids in reducing muscle soreness

  • Post-work outreach is very important, a lot of people mention that while they are giving you tips on workout sessions. 
  • If you make use of Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun, then you need not necessarily stretch up your muscles. 
  • This device will give you a great post-workout stretch and get all your muscles to release the lactic acid from it.

Useful for warmup and pre-workout stages

  • If you utilize this device for a pre-workout regimen, then you will have fewer chances of breakdowns and injuries. 
Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun reviews
  • This will help you have an improved workout session and better performance on the field. 
  • After when you are done with your workout, using Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun can be an asset for your body as it will help you sleep better and rest better.

It will also help you relax your muscles which have been working out vigorously in the past and help you revive all the strong muscles.

How to use Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun?

  • Compex Fixx 1.0 massage gun is very easy to use and can be operated easily by a layman also.
  • After you get your parcel, the first thing you have to do is check that the product is not damaged and that the elements inside the package are not missing. 

Then you take the battery out and make sure to charge it for at least 2 hours.

  • The battery is very easy to insert and remove from inside the pistol.
  • Make sure to use the massager only over the area in which you have worked out or over the area where you feel the tension in muscles. It is obviously of no use if you massage your entire body.
  • Switch the massage gun on and slowly start relaxing the areas of your choice with the minimal settings on the device.
  • Once you are used to the operation of the device, you can increase the speed and intensity of the gun according to your needs.
  • You should keep in mind that you don’t have to exceed one minute of timing per area while using the massage gun.
  • Make sure to avoid the areas which are boney and have less muscular build up.

fINAL Verdict

You will start feeling the difference after a few uses and get addicted to this comfortable device. The device has a reasonable price and it allows you to get customizable massages. 

The massage gun does not have any drawbacks except the fact that it does not come with interchangeable massage heads. 

The device comes with a padded carrying case which makes your travel with the device easily and helps you get rid of muscle soreness anytime and anywhere during the day.