Best Recliner Chair 2020 – Complete Review Guide 

From time immemorial people have been using a chair for relaxing their tired muscles after a hard day’s work. In earlier times these were called armchairs meant for relaxing or while reading a book or nursing a baby or putting it to sleep.

These comfortable chairs occupied an important place in the living rooms and often one saw an elderly person dozing in them. They were big chairs and often had extendable wooden arms and wooden planks to rest your arms and legs.

Best Recliner Chair 2020 - Top picks

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Prcie
Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu MassagerCheck Price
Ashley Furniture Signature DesignCheck Price
Magic Union Power Lift Massage ChairCheck Price
JC Home Argus Ultra-Plush SwivelingCheck Price
Homall Single Modern Recliner ChairCheck Price
Canmov Power Lift Recliner ChairCheck Price
Flash Furniture Microfiber Kids Recliner CouchCheck Price
Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding ChairCheck Price
Esright Massage Recliner ChairEsright Massage Recliner ChairCheck Price
FDW Single Recliner CouchCheck Price
Homegear PU Leather Power lift ElectricHomegear PU Leather Power lift ElectricCheck Price

Today these Best Recliners are either seen in museums or in an antique furniture shop. In the modern-day, these wooden chairs have been replaced by comfortable, cushioned electronically operated chairs known as recliners.

In recent times a large number of people are suffering from neck and shoulder, back problems especially lower back because of their wrong posture and sitting for too long on their work stations. Sitting is becoming the new smoking addiction that doctors are finding challenging to tackle.

The market is therefore loaded with a variety of chairs for the people who are looking for most comfortable recliner chairs to help them physically and mentally. These modern recliner chairs have become a prerequisite for a healthier lifestyle.

Variety of Best Recliner Chair

The various top models of the modern and the most comfortable recliner chairs available in the market are given below:

Mikayla Swivel recliner chair

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding ChairCheck Price
  • The swivel gliding recliner has an enclosed ball bearing mechanism that allows it to rotate in a swirling motion and also to smoothly glide giving a full range of movement and making it very convenient. Among the best recliner chair available in the market.
  • There is also a built-in easy-pull mechanism that is within the reach of the user to help prop up the legs on the leg rest or if they want to recline fully on the chair.
  • It is fantastic for the nursery room as it has a soft touch upholstery with elegant welt trimming and button tufting on the backrest.
  • The recliner chair is sturdy and has a supportive spring foam-filled seat which is very comfortable. Ideal for feeding, snuggling or soothing the baby to sleep. It even helps parents to take a nap while the baby sleeps peacefully.
  • It is quite affordable and can be used in other rooms later once the baby doesn’t need it.

Flash Microfiber Recliner chair

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Flash Furniture Microfiber Kids Recliner CouchCheck Price
  • This is the best recliner chair for children as it’s a miniature version of the adult one. It is ideal for them to unwind and de-stress as they can relax, read a book, watch television, play video games or just snuggle in after a tiring day.
  • The arms of the chair can be flipped open and provide storage space in them for their snacks, favorite toy, books, and game remote controllers making them useful for their playroom, bedroom or the family living room.
  • This recliner couch is safe for children as it has a safety feature which will not let the chair recline until the child is in a seated position and pulls the ottoman 1 inch out.
  • It is a well-padded chair with soft fire retardant foam and durable upholstery which can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. So don’t worry about the things spilled on them.
  • The modern recliner chair is made of a solid hardwood frame and rests on black plastic feet.  It is very sturdy and can hold a child up to 90 pounds in weight. It may not be able to hold an older and heavier child.
  • The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty for the product and its parts.

Canmov Power Lift Best Recliners

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Canmov Power Lift Recliner ChairCheck Price
  • A heavy-duty, sturdy, latest styled and functional recliner which is meant to help you lie back, lift and tilt to help you stand or give you an ultimately relaxing and lounging experience.
  • The electric-powered lift can help you recline, sit or lift in any position in-between with ease. It is therefore ideal for the elderly or people with back problems who find it difficult to stand up from these heavily cushioned chairs.
  • The beautiful resilient microfiber upholstery is anti-skid to provide safety. The high-density sponge inside the resilient foam is soft and odor-free.
  • It has an overstuffed pillow at the back of the seat and in the armrests giving the user an ultimate experience. The high back and thick cushions are very comfortable and relaxing.
  • It can seat a person with a maximum weight of 300 pounds thus very beneficial for heavy people. It also has a wide storage pocket ideal for magazines and remote control.
  • The remote control is easy to operate as there are just 2 buttons for control. You don’t have to operate the chair manually. One button is for lifting and the other is for reclining the chair.
  • The manufacturer provides a one year warranty period against any defects in the material or the workmanship of the recliner couch.
  • In case you are suffering from persistent pain in the muscle or joint due to the usage of this recliner chair please consult your doctor immediately and stop its use.
  • It weighs 107.4 pounds with a wide seat of 22 inches.

Homall Single Modern Recliner Chair

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Homall Single Modern Recliner ChairCheck Price
  • An attractive tall reclining chair that will fit into your bedroom, living room or the areas meant for recreation.
  • The powerful recliner chair has two reclining modes: a partial mode which is ideal for people when they are watching television or just relaxing and the other is full recline which is beneficial if you want to take a nap in the most comfortable recliner chair.
  • This chair is upholstered with high-quality PU leather which is good to feel, comfortable and skin-friendly.
  • The maintenance of this leather is very easy as it can be cleaned easily.
  • Under this wonderful upholstery is a high-density thick sponge that has high resilience and permeability. This provides thick padding to the seat and back of the chair.
  • The recliner is made up of a durable steel frame. This frame is padded with a thick foam this gives lots of padding in the footrest region.
  • The wide curved armrests also have a good amount of padding thus providing more comfort when you are relaxing.
  • The headrest is very supportive relieving you of any muscle pain and helping you to relax.
  • The footrest is retractable and can be adjusted to your requirements.
  • The chair comes with extra side bags to keep your things.
  • The manufactures can refund the money or replace the chair within one month of purchase.
  • They also have a free exchange of damaged pieces or missing parts or installation problems within the first year of purchase.

JC Ultra-Plush modern Recliner chair

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
JC Home Argus Ultra-Plush SwivelingCheck Price
  • A very comfortable modern-day recliner whether you are watching television or are gaming or simply in your home theatre. Excellent for getting a shut-eye in this rushing world.
  • The chair has a switch on the right side which when clicked on will help the recliner lean back and raise the footrest.
  • The footrest is fold-able and so the chair can be used as a normal one when placed anywhere.
  • The frame of the chair is made of heavy-duty iron pipe giving it durability and strength. It can hold about 250 pounds of weight and yet be secure. Suitable for overweight people providing them the ultimate luxury.
  • The frame is upholstered with PU material and a good quality sponge is provided underneath the upholstery, giving padding in the neck, lower back and upper back region of the chair.
  • It is a budget-friendly recliner chair which is manually operated. One of the best recliners.

Magic Union Best Recliners

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Magic Union Power Lift Massage ChairCheck Price
  • One of the most comfortable recliner chairs for the elderly or people with severe back problems as it has a power lift feature that pushes the entire chair up from its base to help them stand easily.
  • Thus helping them to get up easily by taking away the effort they need to put when rising from the recliner chair.
  • Recliner couch has two remote controls, one for lifting the chair or reclining it, the other for giving you a perfect massage. When you recline the chair the built-in footrest gets released as the back and the footrest move together.
  • The best recliner chair has a special remote which has all the massage functions. There are 4 modes of massage, the pulse, press, wave, auto and normal. These modes focus on four major areas the legs, thigh, lumbar region and the back.
  • The intensity of the massage can be varied by the two speeds given in the remote. You can have a high intensity or a low-intensity massage. The massage duration can also be set with the help of a timer that has 3-time limits on the timer of 15, 30 or 60  minutes.
  • There is also a heat function but it is limited only to the lumbar region.
  • This practical and easy to use chair is made of a solid wooden frame which is upholstered with PU leather. 
  • The modern recliner chair has 4 pockets and 2 cup holders to store things like the remote, magazines, coffee cups or drinks which you made while relaxing on it.
  • It is very important to note that the chair needs to be kept at least 45 cm/ 17.7 inches away from the wall during use.
  • It weighs 300 pounds and has a recline feature of 130 degrees.
  • It comes with a free accessory replacement only once within the first year.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Ashley Furniture Signature DesignCheck Price
  • This is a dual motor modern recliner chair which lifts you with ease and gives you an ultimate lounging experience by relaxing your back and elevating your legs.
  • Since it can fully recline it can also give you a good night’s rest and let you sleep comfortably.
  • It is made of thick poly fiber which looks like leather. The faux leather upholstery is saddle brown in color and has a cozy feel-good touch to it. The chair does not absorb stains and is very easy to clean.
  • It is an oversized chair with a 20-inch seat and 69 inches in length when it is fully reclined. It has a sturdy corner blocked frame with a reinforced metal seat and footrest.
  • The chair has a high back to provide support and comfort. It has thick cushions to give you support and comfort.
  • It weighs 121 pounds and comes with easy to assemble instructions and the required hardware and tools.

Mac Motion Best Recliner Chair

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu MassagerCheck Price
  • Top of the line reclining chair in structure and design. The timeless appearance of the recliner and its superb finish and excellent quality of materials used is a luxurious buy. One of the best recliners available in the market
  • A durable top-grain genuine leather recliner couch in sand and walnut finish. The manufacturer has used a generous amount of memory foam in the seating.
  • The features include 360-degree swivel and a 45-degree recline along with with with a pillow top back cushion. This pillow helps you take a power nap when at work to refresh yourself. One of the best recliner couch.
  • The Ottoman (a cushioned piece of furniture with an upholstered seat) provides lumbar support thereby making it the aptest option for people with back pain and spinal problems.
  • The modern recliner chair reclines and swivels and weighs 84 pounds.
  • The manufacturer has ensured that the recliner provides the ultimate satisfaction as providing comfort after a hard day’s work is the main priority. It ensures that you have a place to rejuvenate yourself.

Esright Massage Best Recliners

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Esright Massage Recliner ChairEsright Massage Recliner ChairCheck Price
  • This recliner chair has a large number of features. It not only helps you to recline and relax but also provides heating, rocking and vibrating features to the user.
  • The modern recliner chair can swivel up to 360o  and reclines to 150o.
  • One of the best recliners is made of soft sturdy PU leather. It has a wide sitting base and extra padding of thick sponge in the back cushion and the armrests. There are 2 cup holders and 4 storage bags to keep the drinks and magazines.
  • Recliner chair has 5 control modes for massage and 2 intensity levels for the user to relax their body and loosen their stiff muscles thus enjoying a good massage.
  • The lumbar heater in the recliner is very effective in relaxing the leg muscles and increasing the blood circulation.
  • Recliner couch is made of CARB Certified Board and sturdy iron frame of durable metal to support the weight of the person reclining on them.
  • The remote control with the modern recliner chair operates the massage functions on the 4 zones in the body.
  • The best recliner chair has a reclining angle up to 140o with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The chair has manual control for closing the footrest and the reclining position.

FDW Single Recliner Couch

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
FDW Single Recliner CouchCheck Price
  • Easy to install recliner couch sofa club chair is widely used not only at home but in business places and clubs too.
  • This modern recliner chair has a reclining back and a foot extension feature to help you relax your body and unwind while entertaining yourself.
  • There is a heavy-duty steel frame in the backrest which gives solid stability as you recline. It can support up to 300 pounds of weight. This makes it extremely comfortable while relaxing.
  • The frame is made of solid wood which makes the chair long-lasting. The durable PU upholstery on the chair is waterproof and can be cleaned easily.
  • Excellent for home theatre usage. It helps the user relax and de-stress. best recliners available in the market.

Homegear PU Leather Power lift

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Homegear PU Leather Power lift ElectricHomegear PU Leather Power lift ElectricCheck Price

Homegear PU Leather Power lift Electric Best Recliner Chair

  • This best recliner chair is an electric recliner couch that has leg rests. The power lift facilitates your getting off the recliner couch on to your feet by moving the chair up and forward. It can also lift you while you are in a seated position.
  • It provides lumbar heating, massage, and vibrations to help relax you. There 5 massage options and they have 2 intensity levels. It has a default time of 30 minutes. There are 3 timer settings available for the user.
  • This modern recliner chair is made of strong solid wood and has PU leather which is durable and long-lasting. The frame is padded with an extra thick sponge in the back cushion and the armrests.
  • There are 8 vibration motors. The recliner chair can recline to 150o and has storage bags on either side.
  • It weighs 99 pounds and has a 78 inches long power cable. One of the best recliners available in the market.

Different Types of Recliner Chair

The market is flooded with all kinds of recliners, choosing one can be difficult, but before one makes the choice one must also know the types of recliners available to help make a sensible choice.

Standard Two Position Recliners

These recliner chairs are basic models that are casual to look at but are very comfortable and reasonably priced. 

  • They are affordable because they don’t provide any extra features which the high-end recliners do.

So if you have a tight budget and are looking for one these may be a good option but remember you are also giving up on many useful functions. These chairs can basically move in two positions which are upright or fully reclined. 

They can be operated manually with a lever or some may have a button to operate the electric motor to help them recline. Among the best recliners available.

Wall Hugging Recliners

If space is a constraint then these are the recliners you should look at as they occupy less space and fit easily in a small room. The wall-hugging recliners do not let you recline, so you have to sit up straight in them.

They are advantageous for people with bad knees as they can easily get up from these chairs. They also have the option of raising the seat to a higher level to make rising from it comfortably. Best recliners if you have a tight space.

Rocking Recliners

These chairs do both the actions exactly as per their name, they rock and recline. The chair can position itself in different angles like the footrest can go up fully and the chair can recline back a few inches too.

They are very useful for mothers who need the rocking motion to help feed their baby and to relax him so that he can sleep peacefully. 

It is also popular with people suffering from insomnia as the rocking movement induces sleep and they are able to unwind and sleep better on them rather than their beds.

Flex-back Recliners

These recliners do not have a footrest to raise your feet while reclining. They are also known as push-back recliners as you have to push back the seat when you want to recline in it.

Since the back of the chair only moves to help you recline the buyer will need to buy or use a separate ottoman if they desire to raise their feet. They are best for small rooms with limited space.

Lift Recliners

Extremely beneficial and the most comfortable recliner chair for elderly people and those suffering from bad knees or have limited use of their limbs.

These are expensive models and they are available in different sizes to help serve a large number of people.

Massage Recliners

Just as the name implies these modern recliner chairs help massage your back and legs. Some of them have a heating feature too for providing heat to the lumbar region. 

These recliner couch have many other features like lifting the couch or reclining it fully.

They are costly and the price varies as per the number of features or the quality of upholstery used in them. They are high-end recliners and are designed for people with orthopedic problems.

Factors to consider before purchasing the best Recliner Chair

Before you go ahead and spend a lump sum of your savings for a recliner you need to keep some points in mind which will help you make a sensible purchase.

Room size

  • Identify the room and space where you are going to keep the recliner.
  • Measure the open space available to you and also measure the recliner.
  • Be sure to measure it when it’s fully reclined for it may require a larger space in that position.
  • Do not make the mistake of purchasing one without measuring the dimensions of the room and the chair.
  • Measure the width from side to side, the length from the wall into the room and the length from the floor to the top of the chair.
  • Ask the salesperson for the correct measurement as you may need 1-3 feet of space from the wall and also measure the space around it to help you fit it comfortably in your home.
  • Measure the entry doorway of the room to see if the chair will pass through it comfortably.
  • See that there are no fixed furniture pieces obstructing the entry into the room.

Body size of Best Recliners

The Best recliners are made to fit general body size, which is the height and weight of a normal healthy human being. But today with the kind of lifestyles we lead very few people to fit the general category.

Some people are short and others very tall, while some are extremely thin and others are very obese.

  • When selecting a recliner for yourself or your home ensure you sit in it.
  • You may sit for as long as you like but note a few points in your mind.
  • Your feet should touch the floor when you are sitting comfortably in the chair and the back of your head should fit and rest in a satisfactory position on the headrest.
  • The gap between the chair and the footrest should not be more than 5 inches, preferably it should be even lesser.
  • The armrests should be appropriate in height and width giving you gratification.

If you are buying online then the possibility of checking out the recliner is non-existent. In such a scenario measure yourself in the seat of another modern recliner chair available at your home and compare the dimensions.

Try to take one which is a size bigger than your measurements making room for error.

Structure of the Best Recliner Chair

It is important to check out the manual for methods to fix the chair. This will also give you the materials used in the frame of the chair. So the inside materials determine the durability and cost of the chair.

  • The manual will also tell you about the motor used in the electronically operated chair. 
  • The quieter the motor the better is the recliner as you need it for relaxation and don’t want to listen to the constant hum of the machine.
  • Solid hardwood or kiln-dried wood are good choices for the frame as they are strong and will not warp due to moisture respectively.
  • Some softwoods are also durable as compared to engineered woods but not as hardy as the hardwood.
  • The way the joints of the chair are reinforced will determine whether the chair will have a long life.
  • The different types of joints that ensure a durable chair are interlocking joinery, dowels, corner blocks, screws, staples, and glue. 
  • These construction forms are used in combination to help make a strong long-lasting recliner.

Quality Seat of the Best recliner chair

Once the frame is made it needs a comfortable seat which is durable. The best method is an 8-way hand-tied spring.

  • This is very costly as a lot of time is used in making it. The other way to make durable seats is with steel springs.
  • The higher the gauge of the spring the better is the reinforcement and they are more likely to last a long time.
  • The other forms of seat construction are webbing seats and the drop in a unit of springs.
  • These are the latest ways and give a sleek silhouette to the recliner along with lasting comfort.
  • So a good recliner should have a comfortable seat and excellent back support too.

This will ensure that the person sitting on it will have no backaches. Comfortable leg support should also be provided to give relief to the painful leg muscles.

Recliner Chair Comfort

Since a recliner costs a lot one tends to look for all features in a reasonably priced model. Make sure you give comfort priority too.

  • Remember a good quality chair well designed and comfortable to use should last for 10 years with regular use.
  • Ensure that the chair you choose allows you to change your sitting position with ease once you have been sitting for some time in it.
  • If it is not convenient to change your position then the chair isn’t worth buying.
  • They should have a simple easy to use remotes with a simple touch button.

Therefore your comfort is paramount in selecting one.

Additional Features of a Best Recliner Chair

These are additional features that one finds in the most expensive chairs. They are created to give you an ultimate lounging experience. 

If you are able to find all or most of them in your recliner then you have found the perfect piece for yourself.

Gliding or Rocking Base

As the name suggests these chairs can rock back and forth. The rocking motion can help induce sleep in people not able to fall asleep. 

These chairs can move back with various degrees depending on the activity of the person.

They are very beneficial for feeding mothers who want to put the baby to sleep.

Swiveling Base

This helps you to turn the chair in any direction you desire. It’s a good option as it gives you freedom of movement.

Some chairs with this option can even rock giving you the benefit of both.


Massage option in a chair is an excellent feature as it not only helps you relax but also avail the benefit of a good back massage.

The massage available is in vibration mode with different speed levels.

A standard recliner chair will have just 3 levels but certain high-end chairs may have the option of massaging the neck and shoulders too.

So a recliner with a massage option is a good deal.

Flat Lay

This option is available in a few recliners. Though technically a recliner should become flat most of them only recline up to 45 degrees. 

Therefore if you want to sleep on a flat fully reclined chair you will have to choose a chair which provides this particular facility.


Many chairs come with side pockets to hold magazines, remotes, and other eatables to help you have a completely relaxing experience. They also have cup holders for your coffee and energy drinks.

So recliner chairs for children have deep storage space in the arms of the chair to help the child store his favorite book or toy in it.

Charging point in recliner chair

Certain models come with a built-in charger. This can help you to charge your phone while you are relaxing on the chair.

Thus giving you the benefit of remaining connected with your friends as you unwind on the recliner.

Health-Related Benefits of a Recliner chair

With recliners gaining a lot of popularity across the globe, people are not just buying them for relaxation. There are some health benefits of using one in the comfort of your home.

Alleviate Stress

  • Mental stress can have a detrimental effect on the human body. It is the main reason for headaches and migraines in adults and children.

It also leads to memory loss, digestive and heart problems.

  • Physical stress in the body causes all kinds of aches and pains.

When you recline in the recliner chair it relaxes the muscles and helps to unwind you as the chair creates a comfortable feeling in the body thus giving relief from both mental and physical stress.

If the chair has massage options and a heating pad it helps in reducing stress levels in the body.

Diminishes Pain

  • Sitting for long hours is being considered as the new smoking in today’s hectic and fast-paced life.
  • People come home with neck, shoulder and back pains.
  • These are caused due to constant strain to the muscles with prolonged hours of sitting or carrying heavy objects.
  • When we choose a flat lay recliner it helps us to lie flat thereby removing the body weight from our muscles.
  • This helps in removing the pain from the affected regions.
  • Even a 45-degree angle of the chair gives a near-bed feel to the user distributing the weight evenly.

Enhances Circulation

  • Swollen joints and feet are caused due to poor circulation of the blood in the extremities.
  • This usually occurs when people are standing or sitting for a long duration.
  • The blood which flows down to the limbs has to work against the gravity for going back to the heart.
  • If the person sits or stands for long time periods it becomes difficult and leads to a large amount of fluid and blood collection causing swelling in the limbs.
  • A recliner chair with a footrest is extremely useful to help counter this situation and to get relief from the pain in the limbs.

Thus when reclining on these chairs the blood flows back easily and the circulation increases helping in overcoming the pain and discomfort.

Good posture

Sitting on these chairs helps us to maintain a better posture.

  • These chairs are designed keeping in mind the support and comfort to the body for long duration’s.
  • The tilting of the body back and elevation of the legs at the same time help in redistribution of the body weight.

This removes the pressure on the spine and neck and one is able to relax in a natural position. Thus preventing any postural and spinal deterioration.

Better sleep

People suffering from sleep disorders and irregular sleep patterns to finding difficulty in sleep are choosing these recliners over their regular beds.

When you are sleeping on a recliner you are nearly in zero gravity position.

Their head is slightly elevated than their legs thereby reducing the pressure on the spine and helping the breath easier.

Relief from sleep apnea

  • Sleep apnea is caused due to difficulty in breathing while you are asleep. Here the tongue blocks the windpipe.
  • When we sleep on a recliner with our head in a semi-reclined position it helps us to breathe easy thereby giving a more comfortable sleep.

Thus investing in a recliner couch for such a problem would be a good idea.

Reduces heartburn

A weak oesophagus sphincter muscle causes acid reflex that is the acid from the stomach comes into the oesophagus causing discomfort when you are sleeping.

Sleeping in a reclined position keeps this acid in the stomach itself helping you get a good night’s sleep.

When we lie flat on a horizontal bed this heartburn increases causing discomfort and disturbed sleep.

Beneficial in pregnancy

During pregnancy getting a good night’s sleep can be very stressful. As the weight of the child increases it causes back pains and this discomfort during the night affects the sleep of the mother to be.

On a recliner chair, the to be mother can lie in a slightly raised position relieving herself of back pain and can make herself comfortable with extra pillows propped around to prevent herself from tossing and turning.

Comparison of Electric and Manual Recliner Chair

Electric Recliner

Manual Recliner

Uses an electric motor to move

Uses a traditional pull lever

It is expensive as it has many extra features

Very affordable as it has basic features

Highly susceptible to malfunction and damage to parts

Are straight forward as they use basic materials

High maintenance costs

low cost of maintenance.

Have large number of features making it an exceptional experience

Basic, standard usable features without various settings and options

Do not have much wear and tear and last for a long time with proper maintenance

Higher wear and tear as they run manually and do not last for a long time

Need electricity to run

Do not require electricity

Disadvantages of Recliners

Like every gadget in the market, these also have their cons. Every good thing is useful and helpful if it is used in moderation.

Bad for problematic knees

  • If you already have a problem of weak and painful knees then certain models of these chairs can aggravate the situation.
  • When you are in a reclining position the centre of gravity is near the middle of the chair, you may need to apply some force and effort to come to a sitting position and rise from a manually operated chair.
  • This can increase your problem.

Prolonged sleeping

  • Though recliners are very comfortable and give you good sleep prolonged sleeping in them can be harmful to the body.
  • They are fine if they are used in moderation but if you plan to sleep in them the whole night it may not be a very good idea.
  • Lying for a long time on a recliner can cause your muscles to tighten over the joints thereby limiting your movement and affecting your posture.
  • This could further lead to falls and injuries in the person.

Lower back pain

  • Be very careful when selecting a recliner if you have lower backache.
  • The seat should support your lower back and if there is a hollow between your back and the seat then ensure you support it with a cushion or a pillow or a rolled towel.
  • The back should not be left unsupported for it may cause further pain and misery to you.

Lower back pain

Be very careful when selecting a recliner if you have lower backache.

  • The seat should support your lower back and if there is a hollow between your back and the seat then ensure you support it with a cushion or a pillow or a rolled towel.
  • The back should not be left unsupported for it may cause further pain and misery to you.

Maintenance of the Recliner

  • For the longevity of the recliner, it is very important that you maintain it well. 
  • Keep it clean by regularly vacuuming it or brushing it with a non-metallic brush.
  • Remove stains immediately whether the upholstery is a microfiber or leather. Microfiber fabric looks like leather or suede and is very soft, cuddly and cute. 
  • They do not attract water because their fibres are very small and lightweight.
  • If you suffer from allergies this is an ideal fabric for you.
  • Vacuum the seat and clean it with a sponge to keep the chair in tip-top shape. Have a no food and drinks rule if you find it getting dirty with food stains.
  • A PU leather chair is easy to maintain and remove food stains. You can clean it using a mild soap and a light scrub.
  • Pure leather if cared for will remain beautiful and retain its appearance for years to come.
  • Vacuum the seat and especially pay attention to the crevices.
  • Clean like any other upholstery using a mild soap and distilled water.
  • Do not rub excessively with a cloth clean softly with a damp cloth.
  • In case the stains are persistent and difficult to remove, please call professional cleaners to clean your recliner.


There are many types of recliners in the market today. They are available online and offline. It is difficult to decide which is most suited for the home or office. 

The most important quality of the recliner is the support it gives to the back. All other features are additional and help in making the experience enjoyable and relaxing.

As a potential buyer do not get carried away by the sales talk. Be clear in your mind about the needs and requirements for which you need to buy one.

Remember it should be beneficial to you mainly and most of your family members can also enjoy relaxing in it.

We hope the above-detailed information about the various recliners will help you make the right choice so that you can enjoy its benefits for a long time.