Best Massage Chair 2020 

After a tiring day at work, bending over the computer consoles, or after a hectic morning trying to complete the household work, or during a busy day trying to attend to all the patients, wherever one may be working, a good rub on the sore muscles relaxes one and all.

Best Massage Chair 2020 - Top Choices

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Prcie
Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Check Price
Genius Recliner Massage ChairCheck Price
Human Touch I Joy – 2580Check Price
Curved Long Rail ShiatsuCheck Price
Cozzia Feel Good Massage Chair 16027Check Price
Real relax Best massage chairCheck Price
Luracoi Robotics 7 PlusCheck Price
Human Touch Novo XTCheck Price
Relaxon Full Body Zero GravityCheck Price
Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity ExecutiveCheck Price
AIR Float 3D + Infrared Roller Mechanism Kahuna Superior – SM_9000 BlackCheck Price

Relaxzen Deluxe Back Massage Chair

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Check Price
  • Relaxzen blends with the furniture. This model of the best back massage chair is made from faux suede material and is ideal for a home with pets and is easy to clean.
  • This thick padded microsuede upholstery and the wooden base conveniently fits into the home as part of the other furniture.
  • It has eight vibration motors to relax the upper and mid-back, thighs and the calf muscles. There are nine pre-programmed random modes, each with 5 intensity levels.
  • It provides soothing heat treatment in the lumbar area. Has swivel, recline and recline tension adjustment features.
  • Size: Seat height from floor (max) – 17, Back cushion width- 22, Back cushion thickness- 3, Back cushion height- 26, Arm Height from floor(max) – 22, Arm height from seat(max)- 6

Genius Recliner back Massage Chair

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Genius Recliner Massage ChairCheck Price
  • Blends well with the furniture. Made of high quality soft 100% bonded leather. This best back massage chair has a solid frame and thick padding on arms, seat, and back.
  • It comes in 2 easy to assemble pieces.
  • It has a heating system of this massaging chair, with 5 modes for selection and relaxes the full body at 8 points. It helps to relieve stress and relax the upper and lower back, thighs and the lumbar region.
  • Each point can be operated separately to get relief from the tension and stretch the muscles.
  • It has a capacity of max 400lbs

Human Touch I Joy - 2580

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Human Touch I Joy – 2580Check Price

This is one of the best back massage chairs available in the market.

  • It has 3 simple programs which run for 15 mins respectively. It has a back refresher, neck and shoulder relief, and lower back release programs.
  • This back massage chair is very economical and does its job well.
  • There are rollers with multiple settings giving you variety in the programs. There is percussion, kneading and rolling done, giving one relief from pain and stress.
  • It can recline and has armrest controls.
  • The only disadvantage is that it’s not suitable for people taller than 6 feet.

Curved Long Rail Shiatsu massage chair

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Curved Long Rail ShiatsuCheck Price
  • A latest, with a modern style, futuristic-looking massage chair with shiatsu rollers to help you get rid of the knots in your back and get relief from pain.
  • It has inbuilt surround speakers to help you listen to music while relaxing and a spot to keep your cell phone nearby.

Cozzia 16027 BEST Massage Chair

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Cozzia Feel Good Massage Chair 16027Check Price

One of the best massaging chairs available in the market.

  • This has 6 programs which provide 6 kinds of massages like the tapping, clapping, shiatsu, rolling, Swedish, and kneading. There are combinations too like kneading and clapping.
  • It has 5-speed levels with zero gravity positioning facility. It also has air pressure and vibration modes.
  • The air squeeze features can also be combined with the other functions like kneading, rolling, Shiatsu, tapping and clapping.

Real relax massage chair

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Real relax Best massage chairCheck Price
  • This best massage chair has over 50 airbags, placed from shoulders, arms, hips, legs, calves, and feet, with 8 massage points and rollers, foot rollers and 4 preset automatic massages for total comfort.
  • It has a zero-gravity button, giving you a weightless helps you to relax physically and mentally.
  • It is the ultimate back massage chair.

Luracoi Robotics 7 Plus

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Luracoi Robotics 7 PlusCheck Price
  • This is a heavy-duty, up-to-date, quick response time back massage chair with a touch screen control.
  • It has 6 multi- intensity massage controls.
  • It creates less noise with advanced foot rollers and air calf massagers.
  • There are 3 intensity body heat levels with 10 W powerful Bluetooth speakers.

Human Touch Novo XT massage chair

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Human Touch Novo XTCheck Price
  • Best performing with an eye-catching design. It can be customized to fit individual lifestyles. One of the best massage chair available in the market
  • It has 5 intensity settings and 3 deep-tissue massage programs that can rejuvenate the entire body.
  • Heat is provided to the lumbar area through warm air technology.
  • It can do height adjustments, underfoot roller speed, kneading speed can be controlled.

Kahuna SM-9000 Superior

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Kahuna SM-9000 Superior Check Price
  • This is a noiseless massage chair providing you with an exceptionally relaxing experience with its 3D mechanism. This is achieved with the 6 infrared rollers and the 30 airbags provided.
  • It has zero gravity features that need 3 inches of clearing space to help lift the person and make the chair roll. The rollers then attack every inch of the body.
  • It has 8 types of programs that give the user a better and more enriching experience as compared to the manual mode. The shortest run for 8 minutes while the longest for 20 minutes.
  • Infrared rollers provide hot and cold pressures to help you get rid of your tiredness and destress you.
  • This has some special features as compared to the others. The arm area has acupressure points that heighten the effects of the massage. Best massage chair available in the market.

Relaxon Full Body Zero Gravity Massage chair

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Relaxon Full Body Zero GravityCheck Price
  • It has 10 programs to choose from which can give specific areas of the body or one can go for a full body rub.
  • It can automatically measure the length of the spine and knows where to give you a massage.
  • It’s a luxury model with numerous features. It has 3 stages zero gravity multi-functions which minimize the strain on the vertebrae and help you relax as the heart works less. it’s a complete full body massage chair available in the market.
  • It is made of top quality soft-grained leather.
  • This massaging chair gives a human-like massage
  • This full body massage chair has 2 heating pads in the lower back area.
  • It provides 3 types of massages like kneading, tapping, and a comb, with speed control buttons.

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity ExecutiveCheck Price
  • This full body massage chair has been made by the Osaki, a Japanese company. It is one of the best massage chairs. It is reasonable considering all the features it provides as compared to other chairs.
  • A zero-gravity chair with 2 stages, aligning the back for maximum comfort.
  • There are 2 heating pads in the lumbar area for lower back therapy.
  • Has 5 levels of speed and intensity, seat vibration, with rollers to map the back, arm, foot, calf, hip, lumbar and shoulder airbag massager. A complete full body massage chair available in the market.
  • Easy to use remote allowing you to choose a program or manual mode which has kneading, tapping, shiatsu, rolling, combination, and Swedish modes.
  • It has beautiful PU upholstery giving the user durability and comfort.

Infrared Roller Mechanism Kahuna CHAIR

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
AIR Float 3D + Infrared Roller Mechanism Kahuna Superior – SM_9000 BlackCheck Price
  • This massage chair has 6 infrared heating rollers from the neck to the buttocks and upper thighs, giving the person a precise, relaxing massage while maintaining the curvature of the spine.
  • It helps people with arthritis pain and sore muscles as it transmits heat to the muscle tissues, thus opening up the blood vessels which help in relaxing and reducing stress and tension. One of the best massage chair.
  • It has airbags on the shoulder, arms, lower back, sides the seat, legs, and feet for applying pressure and improving circulation.
  • It has the latest motor for a very silent massage.


The best massage chair is extremely effective and comforting as they provide a wholesome experience to the person sitting on it. They are perfect for your homes or offices so that you don’t have to travel every day for the rubbing-down.

They have certain predefined programs which start from the head down to the toes. Some have programs that can be customized as per the requirement of the patients.

The best massage chair gives a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. Once you are sitting on them you slowly get to a zero-gravity state where the best massage chair is bearing your weight and not your bones.

It aligns you into a straight line while bearing your full weight.  It helps you get rid of all the tensions in your muscles and mind, by improving your blood circulation which further uplifts your mood and gets you free of your anxiety.

One doesn’t run to a doctor every time he or she experiences slight pain in a certain specific area. You tend to ask someone to press that area or point with a medium amount of pressure to get relief.

The muscles in that area let go of their contraction and blood flow increases, thus giving relief.

A massage not only relaxes the stiff muscles or gives relief from pain, but it also has many health benefits for today’s hectic lifestyles. This treatment is growing in leaps and bounds in its demand and popularity.

It is not just relaxing but is therapeutic as it reduces stress and decreases tension in both the mind and the body, also inducing a night of good sleep.

When a masseur starts rubbing on the body with his bare or gloved hands, he improves the lymph and blood circulation, thus causing more oxygen to reach the muscle cells.

This helps in reducing the painful spasms and nerve contractions as the tendons and ligaments in that area are no longer in a contracted state. 

A good masseur not only helps by releasing the peripheral layers of the muscles but also acts on the deeper tissue layers helping the body and the organs by giving them a better balance and alignment.

Today as the demand for this therapy and its therapists and masseurs increases worldwide, there are a lot of amateurish and incompetent workers in the modern spas, resorts and cruise ships to hotels.

They claim to know the pressure points and the knots under the skin but can do more damage than bring a cure to the clients.

Research shows that below the skin there is a rich reserve of nerve endings that respond to the slightest touch. Even light strokes at a certain speed and manner can give people a good novel experience and help in elevating their mood.

In recent times the cost of going regularly to a professional masseur or a therapist is increasing every day as they gain popularity and fame.

Therefore, people are turning towards technology to give them something reliable, cost-effective and durable. One of the latest technology updates is the Best Back Massage Chair.

There are a large number of products available in the market which can help you get the benefits of a good massage.

The best massage chair comes at various shapes and sizes and prices, but it doesn’t mean that they are not effective or useful. They are designed keeping the needs and problems of the people in mind, the space available in their homes and the features are as per the survey was done on the requirements of the clients

Advantages of Best Back Massage Chair

Since time immemorial humans and animals have been using various things from the environment to help relax their tired muscles and to remove the fatigue from their bodies.

They have been using the benefits of a good massage to lead a healthier lifestyle. Since in the earlier times masseurs were easily available and convenient people never felt the need for any special instrument to help relax their tired muscles or get relief from pains.

To lead a healthy life free of pains, stress, and anxiety, this therapy has been added to the present-day wellness routine by doctors and therapists.

There are many health benefits of a massage like helping one sleep better, relief from headaches, curing depression, destressing cancer afflicted people, helping elderly improve their balance, lowering blood pressure, decreasing the frequency of migraines in patients and helping in chronic pains in the neck or due to arthritis.

As discussed earlier it’s very costly to go to a masseur every day, but we need something to help us get rid of the tiredness which is convenient and not heavy on the pocket.

Therefore, by investing in a good, convenient, not very expensive massage chair can be a very good decision to help lead a superior and desirable lifestyle.

The convenience of having the best massage chair

The option of having a full body massage chair in the comfort of our home which can be your personal masseur at any time of the day, seven days in the week and not get tired or take leave can be a big motivator for buying one.

Worthwhile expense

  • These back massage chairs come in various sizes and with a large number of features.
  • Choose one which suits your budget.
  • The initial investment may be heavy but comparing it with visit charges to a masseur on a regular basis may help you understand it’s worthiness.

Elevating moods

  • They are extremely beneficial in homes or workplaces where people are under high levels of stress or anxiety.
  • They help to create endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin in the brain to help them feel happier, calmer and less hungry. 
  • The secretion of these happy hormones helps to reduce depression and make the person happier and more creative as you get to think clearly and evaluate the problem with a clearer and relaxed mind.
  • They help in reducing headaches in people which are often caused by tensions in the neck and mind. 
  • As the massage loosens the tight muscles and improves the flow of the blood to those areas it helps the distressed patients.

This improves mental health and gives the individual sitting on it a satisfying and pleasurable experience.

  • The best massage chair can help people get rid of their chronic pains and help recover from joint replacement pains.
  • When sitting on them they help to relax the muscles of the neck, back, shoulders, around the chest and spine, thereby improving the posture, opening the lungs and improving the circulation in the body.
  1. With a session on these machines the blood flow increases in the body. When the flow increases the blood, vessels expand and contract faster, helping the body remove waste products at a faster rate.
  2. Lactic acid is one such waste produced and the faster it is removed from the bloodstream the lesser is the body fatigue. Hence enabling the body to relax.
  • Even people who exercise for long periods experience body pains due to muscle pulls during a long-distance run or during weight lifting. The massage chair can help them by promoting the growth of cells which increases the stability and flexibility of the body. Thus, helping them to do more tough and vigorous exercises.
  • They also enable better digestion of food, preventing internal infections and ensuring the food reaches all the organs before its excreted from the body. Thus, renewing and revitalizing our body.

Immunity booster

  • The back massage chair helps in increasing the immunity of a person by strengthening the immune system.  A session causes the white cells to increase rapidly which helps the body fight the disease in the body.
  • This is because these cells help to protect the body from disease-causing organisms by releasing antibodies to fight the pathogens or by ingesting the pathogens.
  • Just an hour of the best massage chair session has a great impact on the immunity levels of a person.

Wind down

  • Stress is a big problem among today’s generation affecting their lifestyles and sleep pattern. A session with these full body massage chairs relaxes the brain and helps them sleep better thus patients with depression, heart problems or cancer feel and sleep better, after a rub down.
  • The massage chair uses different types of methods like zero gravity which recline the chair to remove the weight of the body from the joints and bones.
  • They use airbags, stretches, rollers, kneading and tapping features which help the individual get relief from pain in his back and foot muscles.
  • They also stretch the muscles near the vertebrae in the spine and curvature of the spine making it a very stimulating experience like one would get from a personal trainer.

Variety in massages

  • Some of the back massage chairs use different methods to give a massage like Acupressure, Chiropractic treatment, Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage.
  • One can enjoy any massage depending on the type of chair one selects as per his requirement.

Points to consider before selecting the best Massage Chair

  • Research the market well before picking up a full body massage chair for your home or workplace. 
  • Remember this is a big investment and it has to be good suiting all your needs.

Identify your need

It is very important to address the problem you have and how the chair and the massage provided by it, will help you cure your problem or give you maximum relief.

  • Speak to your doctor or therapist on the long-term use of this machine and understand how beneficial it’s going to be to you.
  • One should know whether they should go for a full body massage chair or just with a back massage chair.

Recommended massages

  • Different massage chairs provide different kinds of massages.
  • Find out which is best suited for you and is recommended for you.
  • Choose the best massage chair which will give you the maximum result and will be like a masseur giving you a personal message.

Most machines do basic massages like the ones mentioned below:


A circular movement which involves compressing the skin and muscle tissue against each other or against the bone.


  • This is done by rollers in the back massaging chair and treats muscle tension, Scarring and gives a relaxing effect.
  • It increases the body temperature, tissue elasticity and realigns collagen fibres, thus helps in treating muscular problems.


  • This is a light movement using cupping, hacking, pounding, plucking by a masseur.
  • With a machine, it is done for a short period of time before going to another sequence.
  • It is used for smaller and delicate areas of the human body.


This technique involves applying repeated pressure on the back in a continuous sequence. These short pulses help the muscles to relax.

Kneading and Tapping

  • This program combines both processes thus helping the user by reducing his pain.
  • It helps to relax and break down tension in the back muscles by using a gentle motion with burst pulses.

Swedish massage

  • A very common therapy involving soft, long, kneading strokes and light, rhythmic, tapping strokes.
  • This helps in reducing the tension in the top layers of the muscles.
  • It is energising and extremely relaxing as it increases the level of oxygen in the blood and reduces the toxins in the muscles.

Some massage chairs have certain special features like:

Zero gravity

  • Most of the high-end chairs have this feature. The body is in a reclined state so the bodyweight gets distributed evenly.
  • There is no weight on the bones or joints thus helping the user by improving the circulation in the legs, reducing the swelling and putting less strain on the heart.
  • In this lying position, the whole back is in contact with the back massage chair giving you a deeper and fulfilling massage.

Shiatsu massage

  • The best massage chair giving this therapy be able to massage you like a trained Shiatsu masseur.
  • The computer sensors in the chair should scan your back and the massagers should come out of the massage chair to about 2 inches, giving you relief just like the therapist does use his fingers, thumbs, and palms.
  • This is beneficial to lessen the stress and its related issues like anxiety, back pain, constipation, headache, insomnia, sciatica, and many more.
  • This massage helps to increase the energy levels, recover from injuries and promote better digestion.


This can be given through specially designed best massage chair where the airbags are placed all over the chair in the shoulder, hip, arm, legs, backrest and feet regions. They apply pressure via air compressors.

Another way of giving this pressure is by the use of rollers made of soft rubber which copy the human hands. This pressure has an impact on the flow of the fluids and nerve impulses,  by pressing the different areas in the body.

Chiropractic therapy

The certain massaging chair gives you this additional therapy to help to get the proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure.

They do not change the spinal alignment by making literal changes but manipulate the bones, release the locked joints which help in getting relief from pain and in muscle relaxation.

The massaging chair scans the curvature of the spine and uses airbags with rollers along the spine to help you overcome the problems.

Size of The Best Massage Chair

Before deciding to buy a chair ensure you fit into the chair. If you are a tall or short person and can go personally to check out the chair do it, by sitting in it.

Some massaging chairs available in the market may have all the features but may not be available in your particular size because they are made to fit most people of average height.

The size of the chair is also important considering the space available in your home or office. 

  • You need a fair amount of space available before purchasing one. 
  • Some back massage chair needs more clearance space than others when they are extended.
  • Once it is placed you will not be able to move it around considering the other furniture in that area. 
  • Even folding or full body massage chair requires large areas when they are fully extended.

Placement of the Massaging chair

  • These full body massage chairs use a lot of power so they need their own power outlet.
  • Make sure you place the massaging chair near one such outlet.
  • Since these massaging chairs are for relaxing and help in uplifting your mood, be careful not to place them in rooms that have television or media streaming.
  • The time on these full body massage chairs is for you to connect with your inner self and switch off outside media.
  • Basking in the sun is very healthy and refreshing, make sure these recliners are not placed under direct sunlight.
  • The sun can damage the upholstery and lead to the formation of cracks in it.

Costing of a Massaging Chair

Look at the brand of the best massage chair before deciding on one. This doesn’t emphasise that only the top brands are the best. 

Read the reviews of other brands and also find out about the customer support system of the old and new ones.

  • Manufactures who give you a warranty and cover your repair expenditure will definitely be a better choice than those who don’t because this is a crucial aspect to keep in mind in the long run.
  • The warranty period is from 1 year to a maximum of 5 years and the repair of certain parts is covered in some cases for a first or second year too.
  • There are a large number of brands in the market from popular, long time manufactures to new entries and their prices vary because of the popularity of the brand, therefore evaluate them carefully.
  • Prices of the best massage chair can vary from 500 $ to 5000$ and above. Decide on your budget and how much more are you willing to go ahead on it. Stick to looking at models within the specified amount.
  • Most back massage chairs have certain features you may not need in the long term. All additional features in them increase the cost manifold.
  • Evaluate their quality and capability for extra features and designs make them more expensive. But cheaper models may not be durable and comfortable in the long run.

Characteristics of the best Massage chair

Heat Pads

These are found in the lower back area to improve circulation and help the muscles to relax. Most massaging chairs use infrared rollers along with the heated pads.


They are made of soft rubber and move to reach the different areas of the body. The newer technology has rollers which can give you deep and authentic massages targeting specific areas of the body.

  • Intensity can be varied as per your preference.
  • They are basically of 2 types- back rollers and foot rollers.
  • There are 2D, 3D, 4D rollers available.
  • The 2D ones not only move up and down the spine but can go left to right.
  • The 3D rollers can move in and out in the 3 dimensions providing a deeper massage.

The 4D rollers are a replica of masseur’s hands as the speed and timing of the 3D rollers in them can be controlled to give a thorough and deep massage.

They generally follow 2 tracks- the S track and the L track

  • S track is a curved track following the curve of the spine.
  • L track is an extension of the s track going up to the hamstrings.

Body scan feature

Some have this technology where the computer scans the whole body, adjusts the rollers so that they reach all the parts and give the person a through massage.

The rollers run on the specific areas where the misalignment exists. The position of the rollers adjusts as per the height and weight of the person.


These are used by most manufacture because they help to compress the specific muscles in different body parts thus helping them relax and be free of pain. Their intensity of compression can be controlled and they give you an excellent experience.

Control Panel

Many models come with a control panel. Some are fixed on an extended arm on the best massage chair and they are very easy to use and helpful.

Some manufacturers give you manual control of the machines while others also provide remote control to help the user better accessibility in switching the machine on or off and controlling the intensity and speed of the massages.


To make the experience even more destressing, relaxing and rejuvenating, this facility is provided to the user to connect his device and enjoy the music coming through the chair’s speakers for the duration of the massage.

Some even give you LED light to heighten the experience.

Preset Programs

These are beneficial to the user for he just has to press a button and then the machine takes over as these programs are pre-set at the time of manufacture. They are very useful because they have a mix of techniques in each of the programs.

They may involve stretching of the muscles, knocking or tapping technique at the correct intensity and speed.  This can remove the confusion in the user and give him a totally worthwhile experience.


Some of the models can be shifted from one place to another on their wheels, but these are lighter chairs but their durability should be checked. The heavier models stay put in one place.

Noise Factor

Since they are large in size and have big motors, they tend to make a fair amount of noise. Try and choose one which has a silent operating motor for you wouldn’t be disturbing your family members when using it.

Footrest extension

This a very important feature for tall people as their legs extend beyond the best massage chair length and in zero gravity position, your legs cannot be dangling. So ensure your footrest goes out 3-4 inches more to help you fit in the massage chair.

Music and massage synchronization

This is an interesting feature as the massage and music move together. When the music is soft the intensity is low as the tempo increases the intensity becomes vigorous.

Thus, helping in reducing stress in the body.

Considering all the characteristics available in the best massage chairs in the market you should be able to decide on one best suited to your requirement.

Caution while using a Massage Chair

A burning question these days is asked as these chairs gain popularity is are, they safe?

During pregnancy

  • Manufacturers do not recommend pregnant women to use them.
  • They advise against it even though there is no evidence to prove a need for concern.
  • They feel that the pressure points on the back may cause premature labor to the mother.
  • Even though the baby is wrapped in muscle and fluid to keep it well cushioned and the massage on a chair is no different from a regular one a little caution is advisable.

Though a lot of women experience lower back pain during pregnancy, it is advisable to contact the doctor for advice on the matter. Women suffering from Preeclampsia, severe headaches, preterm labor should avoid using them.

Safe for children?

  • Children above the age of 10 can use them under parental supervision. It can help them relax and increase their circulation. 
  • Like adults when they are burdened with their studies and are stressed out give them a bath and put them on it before bedtime.
  • This will help them relax and de-stress.
  • They can be taught to meditate while on the chair listening to some soft music.

Old People

  • Massage chairs are not advisable for old people who suffer from osteoporosis, or hypertension.
  • Since they use mechanical rollers and airbags to squeeze and put pressure and also increase the circulation in the body, these can have detrimental effects on the aged suffering from the above problems.


  • Patients with osteoporosis have weak and fragile bones and they can cause fractures.
  • Since the elderly have narrow intervertebral space these devices can cause changes in the spine aggravating their discomfort.

Cardio-vascular problems

  • Elderly people suffering from these problems should be a little more careful especially if they are on blood thinners.
  • Deep tissue done on these people can cause tissue or organ damage, bruising or inflammation.
  • People with blood clot history should avoid the Swedish massage as there can be the risk of dislodging a clot into the bloodstream leading to a stroke or heart attack.
  • People who have got a stent or a pacemaker put must ensure that their chest area is not pressed as it might dislodge them and cause damage to the heart and tissues.

Overindulgence with the massage

  • When you purchase a new massage chair do not overuse it. Just like when you start a new exercise routine you slowly increase the intensity and duration similarly with these machines do not overdo or you may hurt yourself and be sore all over. Overuse can cause muscle damage and injure the tissues.
  • If you are using the therapy for curing your sore muscles in the back or shoulder or for persistent neck and shoulder pain then the sessions should be limited to 3-4 in a week.
  • In cases where the sessions are for relief from stress, anxiety or depression enjoy them at bedtime as they will be most effective. 1-3 sessions in a week are recommended.
  • Just like medicine used in the proper dosage can be beneficial to the body, similarly to reap health benefits from these recliners use them in moderation and under proper guidelines.

Ideal duration of usage of the Best Massage Chair

  • The best way to get optimum benefit from these is to use them for a short duration.
  • They can be as short as 2minutes to as long as 15 minutes.
  • A 15-minute therapy can provide you with great benefits. It can relax your aching muscles and recharge you.
  • A full body massage for 15 minutes is far more beneficial than longer ones. Use the built-in timers to keep track and help avoid the overuse of the recliners.
  • Physical activity like walking around after the massage therapy is extremely beneficial as it helps the body to remove the toxins generated in it due to the massage.
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins.

Care and Maintenance

Usually, these come with durable upholstery, but they still need cleaning after usage. To avoid allergies and prevent dirt from sticking to them and to avoid wear and tear of the upholstery and the machine we need to follow certain tips to help look after it.

  • Remove the cushions and the upholstery if you can to clean the corners underneath them.
  • Focus on the arms, neck and head areas which are exposed to the naked skin and can get dirty with sweat.
  • Clean all nooks and corners for animal hair as it can cause allergies.
  • If the recliner is made of synthetic leather then use a mild soap and water to clean the delicate upholstery. Using a spray bottle is a good idea and it will dry quickly compared to a cloth soaked in the solution.
  • Avoid acidic solutions they may damage the fabric.
  • Rub with a damp cloth after spraying the chair and allow it to dry completely before attaching it removable cushions.
  • Ensure you clean all removable parts thoroughly in the same manner.
  • If the chair is made of natural leather then use a soft absorbent cloth to remove any stains on it.
  • leather upholstery should be oiled to keep the leather soft and they don’t crack. Use moderate amounts of normal coconut oil after cleaning the chair. Rub it gently all over the chair and wait for it to be absorbed. Remove the excess oil with a fresh cloth.
  • Avoid using petroleum oil if the recliner has rubber parts as petroleum oil damages them.
  • Vacuum the footrest area as it collects a lot of dust and debris. Air cleaning is highly recommended to avoid shrinkage.

Taking good care of the massage chair will preserve the quality and it will last long. The better you are to the chair, the better will be the returns from it, as it will continue to give you comfort and look good.


Considering the truly hectic lifestyles of today’s generation, massage therapy is not only important but helps in maintaining a healthy life as it not only relaxes us but helps to cure many problems whether they are physical or mental.

There are numerous health benefits associated with this therapy and it is available in various styles to help meet the needs of the people.

The demand for the best massage chair is growing by leaps and bounds in the market and more and more people are looking for them as they are no longer a luxury but a necessity considering their lifestyles.